Everything You Need to Know About Roof Trusses

15 December 2020
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Constructing a roof is made easier and quicker by the fact that you can buy ready-made roof trusses. The only work remaining is to secure them on top of your walls and place a roofing material. That said, here are some important things you need to know: What Are Roof Trusses? Roof trusses comprise triangular-shaped beams that are used to support the roof of most structures; you can also attach ceiling material on the lower side. Read More 

Planning Your New Civil Works

18 November 2020
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Are you responsible for overseeing a civil building project? While small building projects may be able to be managed with only a small team, when it comes to civil works, there are often far more people involved. You might need to build a new bridge or perhaps a canal to assist with the drainage of a marshy area. Alternatively, you could be charged with the erection of something like an apartment block or office complex. Read More 

Land Development Options

14 October 2020
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People that intend to develop their land are often in a dilemma of whether to erect residential, commercial or industrial premises. Read this extract to learn some of your land development options.  Subdivision Subdivisions are appropriate for people that need instant cash on their land. Typically, you will need a permit from the local council to subdivide the land. Once the subdivision plan is approved, hire a contractor to build access roads and install water, power and drainage systems on the property. Read More 

4 Tips for Building a Long-Lasting Residential Retaining Wall

15 September 2020
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Retaining walls are great landscaping features that should be built to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, due to poor design and improper installation, most walls end up collapsing before the end of their estimated lifespan. You're left to fix a crumbling fixture, and this can cost a lot of money. Thus, to avoid these problems, you need to plan the project carefully. Below are some four tips to help you build a long-lasting retaining wall in your home. Read More 

The Benefits of a Design and Build Service for a New Home

17 August 2020
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These days, many new home builders in Australia offer design and build services that are geared up for the numerous self-build projects that go on in the country every year. If you have ever dreamed of building your home to meet your exact requirements and lifestyle aspirations, then appointing a building firm that can also handle the design stage is a smart move. Although new home designs don't have to be very detailed to get a basic idea, as soon as you begin to break the ground to start pouring concrete foundations, you will definitely need a proper blueprint to work from. Read More